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Fear: Trump in the White House

Fear: Trump in the Shit House

Author: Bob Woodward
Narrator: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: 12 h 20 m
Genre: True Crime
Published: 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous

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This book was fine, yes just fine. Bob, you were a great man during the Nixon years but if you thought you were going to bring down two presidents in your life time you are going to need to bring more than just the gossip rag that is this book. If you have read no other "Trump Book" read this one, then read, It's Even Worse Than You Think. But, if you have read any other "Trump Book" I would say don't bother. Unhinged was good, not great and this one is just slightly better. Like most of the "Trump Books" Fear reads less like investigative journalism and more like the play-by-play you would get from a playground full of 5th graders.

Trump is an idiot, maybe he always was or maybe its his age, who cares, that is basically Bob Woorward's only point with this book.

I learned almost nothing from this, I guess it is good that we have a record of the demise of the US but really, whats the point. Bob simply rehashes old news talking points while vicariously calling Trump names every chance he gets. Other books have done a much better job of what the author attempts here. Omorosa was closer to Trump, so her detailed were juicer, in It's Even Worse... the detail is much finer and reads like a real investigation, Fear is lukewarm at best.

It is great for The Democracy that all these Trump Books are coming out, so I hesitate to say that this book was unncessary, but it certainly does not add anything meaningful to the conversation. There is nothing impeachable, STILL, and even getting him while in office for firing Comey is a long shot.

The way Bob's book leaves it, we have a long road ahead of us, the President may be a criminal and an idiot but apparently he's not stupid enough to get caught.